Wings of a Phoenix

   Pretty bird fall away Pretty bird come and play God made us out of clay But we don’t give a shit not even a prayer of thanks We live in a world where I don’t care is the coolWe live in a world when not giving a fuck is praised Killing our brothers and sisters For what? Power among the sexes and race?The world is going bleak I look up and everyone’s on their screenWere phone freaksAnd whispers of “oh shit did you see”“This bitch is wearing two different shades of pink”We’re more caught up with whose linked with whoNot a care about the African kids Who don’t know when they’ll get their next foodRape is at an all time high We’ve got judges that claim to riseBut how can they when they are the rapists half the time The gay community is considered to be thrivingWell then how come 25% is only surviving Kids being ripped from mothers Well where are the pro life supporters The world is a battlefield  And we’ve become the soldiers of life Desanitized to guns, cannons, and knivesAny type of violence is almost always emphasizedBut no one cares, not even a blink of an eyeEvil is a necessity but that ain’t for me I’m not a sister, not here for it I’m a comrade of love and an enemy of hateThe world has gone to shit but the hopeless cases are the ones worth the savePretty bird falls away Pretty bird won’t come out and play Instead the Phoenix from the ashes will shine its ray Ill be damned if this place goes to waste This is my home And yours too Time to fight, I am done with feeling disgraced   -Sophia Ramos

This poem is about: 
Our world


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