Black. Lives. Matter.

#Black Lives Matter

Its not enough.  

Its not enough,

posting a black-out screen on instagram

Children grow up in fear around the world.

In fear of leaving their homes,

In fear of going places,

In fear of speaking out,


They live in FEAR

Fear of merely existing.


Do you know what it's like to have people spitting at you, talking trash, discriminating against you, just because of your race?  

Just because of your culture and traditions?


One after another, Innocent people are being murdered.

Because of who they are.

Is my child next? You ask yourself.


Do you know what it feels like, to worry every, single, day, whether your child will make it home?


Do you know what it feels like to have people telling you to stand up for yourself, but you know if you do, you will be killed. 


People strive in their own world

Ignoring the pain others suffer.


How can you enjoy yourself, knowing that there are other people in the world getting discriminated against because of who they are.  


How can you sit back and watch, as if it's a fantasy movie?  


But it's not a fantasy. 


This is happening in the world.  

This is happening now.  


How much more blood needs to be spilled, before we change this.  


How many more innocent people need to be killed for you to see what is happening.  


Somebody once told me “Imagine if we were all colour blind.  Then there would be so many less problems in the world.” 




We see colour for a reason. 

If we were colourblind, we won’t be able to appreciate diversity. 

We are all different, and that is a good thing.

We should all be proud of who we are. 

Where we were born.

Our ancestors. 

Our religion, our cultures. 

And Our race.  


There will never be a perfect world.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t try.


Imagine a world, with no judging or racism.


Imagine a world, where you can be with whoever you want, whoever you love.


Imagine a world, where everyone is treated equally, no matter where they’re from, who they are, what language they speak, and what race they are.



Imagine a world, with no blood and hate but instead peace and love.


But we don’t have to imagine this.

This is a new generation.

A generation of hope, and change.

We will not make the same mistakes again. And we will always remember the mistakes we made, and the lives we hurt.


We will Reconcile, Heal, and move forwards together, with open arms, and open hearts.

Heal the wounds that we have caused.

Heal those bruises, until they’re gone.

Heal those memories.

We can never heal them completely, but we will do our best. 


We will heal the wounds, one by one, and reach out our hands, until everyone has smiles on their faces, and not frowns.


Until everyone has equal rights, and justice.


Until everyone can live happily, together, and safely.

And even then, we will rise together.

Work together, build together.


Work together to make a better, peaceful, fair, loving and more beautiful world.


To form a world — united.


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