Get back up and fight


There were so many sleepless nights,

days where you'd lie in bed, and hardly even bother to see the light.

You couldn't find a reason, but you were just broken.

Or maybe there were too many reasons, way to many to be spoken...

You try, and you try, and you constantly fail,

You don't want it to happen but the darkness prevails.

You become lost in your own mind,

so confused and tired and then you become blind.

You're in this hole and you can't get out,

You forget what you wanted your life to be about.

One day you're fine, and the next everything seems to be caving in,

the darkness consumes you all around from within.

All of a sudden you're drowning in your pain,

wishing someone would take the time to notice your drain.

You can't stay like this forever, but it seems like it will never go away.

You have to make a change, and it has to be today.

The change comes from you.

It comes from inside your mind,

You need to tell yourself that everything will be fine.

Don't rely on others for your smile.

You are the only one who can make you're life worth the while.

Whatever demons you may face today,

you need to know that it'll all be okay.

You finally realize that happiness is a choice,

and you finally realize that you have more than just a voice.

Your life is your life, and things might not always go right,

but you can't just sit there, you need to say "I will get back up and fight."

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