Fight or Flight

In life when situations are thrown at you there are two options

To fight or flight

To stand and fight for things in your life

or to run from them

Letting that issue fester inside of you

to become something that eats you alive

Being afraid of it you run and hide

but you can’t run its inside of you

It's in the way you walk, talk, look, feel

everything you do, it will be with you

It's like a shadow behind you trailing everywhere you go

it takes your shape, when you move so does it

No getting rid of this

Until you decide that it will no longer have control over you

and you fight for your life back, for you back

The issue only has as much control as you give it

so fight for your life once again

Because the longer you let that issue weigh you down

the sooner you are to sinking

Everyday you inch closer to bottom

and one day will be too late

Because you let the problem in to stay

All the days you don’t fight that issue is feasting away

So will you Flight?

Running from all your problems

Or have a triumphant story to tell
after your Fight?



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Our world


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