Beneath The Surface


In an operation, surgeons pull away the skin.

Their patient is a stranger.

Every organ, muscle, and bone is known to them.

Doctors dig inside their patients physical walls,

But they do not actually know what is beneath the surface.


If there was a doctor to reach underneath my mentality

They might find someone they have never known.

RIght inside my eyes they would find me.

A me that is very shy.

A secret me.

Beneath the surface I have hidden a possession

Of myself that is real.


A disorder holds my walls in tact.

Not many try to break them, nor climb them.

Many masks manipulate my friends.

They are not quite sure where I am.

I only know that I lie beneath the surface.


I am here.

I want to shout and be loud.

Below I know I want to be know.

Somehow I desire to climb my walls.

I have greed for strength.

Searching for a loophole.

I have to find a way out of my masks.

I am too well hidden beneath the surface.


Fight. FIght. Fight!

Reach. Reach. Reach. Reach! 

Climb to the top. Climb to the top!

Jump from the top and soar. 

No longer am I, beneath the surface.




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