The Declaration of Rebellion


Why must we always question authority?

Obviously we should back down,

We're simply the minority. 


I'll tell you why we stand and fight,

Why we won't give up the shiny crown,

Why we keep searching for fair light.


It's because we are the young adult population

And we're sick of being held back

And get attention by meansn of mutilation. 


It's probably your fault, yes, yours. 

I mean, it's your job that's threatened with the sack,

so you claim the blame, it's not ours. 


I want to know why you despise us so,

Why you slam information down our throat

And deviously insist you're helping us grow. 


I want to know why you always punish us

When we manage to find and beat that metaphoric goat,

You leave us no choice but to cuss. 


Why can't we be ourselves?

We're really not all that bad,

Yet you treat us like wicked little elves. 


Why do we have to be the same?

In the end, it's you that will be had,

Because you can't beat us at a game.


We won't be beat into the dirt,

By your grimy, authoritive hands, 

We won't take your nice shirt.


We want ourselves, our hope.

Soon these will be our lands,

And you'll have to learn how to cope. 



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