You Are...

My family doesn't like you.
They judge from what they hear.
But I know you better,
Now let me make this clear:
You're my husband and constant companion.
You're my family, and my friend.
When all the world is breaking,
Who do you think I'd send?
You're my strength in times of trial,
And my hope in hopelessness.
You're my courage in moments of fear,
And my love in the face of hate.
You're my assurance in days of doubt,
And my pride in times of shame.
You're my purest joy and perfect love,
No matter what others may say.
You are the one that's made for me,
And I give you all that I am.
I will never leave or forget you,
For how could I forget a part of me?
I will never give up on you,
As we are strongest when we are together.
You are mine and I am yours,
Until the end of our days.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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