Like it or Not They’re Dying For You

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 11:05 -- Zensho


United States
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Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers,
Blood spilt on foreign soil,
Yet in safety far across the sea,
You mock the sacrifice for liberty.

They want to be home,
Their families wish they had never left,
Your idle words like poison drips,
With each distaining word from your lips.

The reason to go was not good enough,
Rather was proven wrong in time,
Does it matter why we went,
While soldiers still away are homeward bent?

Yet when they come home in body bags,
Your unthankful glances and stances tare wounds deep,
Our soldiers are Americans too,
And like it or not they’re dying for you.

Maybe going was wrong.
Maybe it was not,
But while our men and women are still away,
Pray for their safe return and keep death at bay.



I was inspired to write this poem because my older brother is in the marines and my younger brother is a Navy corpsman. I'm sick of people always being angry about Iraq. I don't care if people support the war or not, but they need to support our troops. Every one of those soldiers is some body's family and they want them home safe. This isn't about politics its about being real people. Those soldiers deserve people's respect whether they believe in the war or not, because despite personal beliefs, they are dying for you anyways.

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