To Death From Us

Dear Death,

We are Strong!

Yes, broken, but Strong.


We have seen you near and far

And getting closer, so it seems.

Yet this time our encounter

Won't be more than just a banter.


For when you rise tomorrow,

We'll be ready!

Hearts surrounded by walls

and tied with string together.


Yes, tomorrow we'll fight harder,

One army in one battle strong.

Holding on, not letting go,

We'll build our wall to save us all.


Our fight is quite exquisite:

The sparks of pain, the extinguished tears.

Yet when the end is near, Oh Death,

You will be the victor.


You may be the victor this time Death,

But tomorrow, yes tomorrow, you will see what we can do.


We will struggle long and hard,

But tomorrow we'll break through.

No more heartache. No more sorrow.

Tomorrow your walls come down!


If you come, you come at need,

But leave the rest in peace.

You must feel what you create,

But I guess that's fair and just.


Wait for us tomorrow, Death,

and try to tear us down!

For tomorrow know this one last thing...

We'll be waiting.


Your Opposition, 

Elizabeth and Co.


This poem is about: 
My community
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Elizabeth Wittasek

This poem is about how if we as a community come together, we can stop suicide. The past 2 years have been hard at my school, as we lost 3 kids to suicide, but this year, we as a school and community came together to stop the trend. And it seems to be working, as there haven't been any suicides yet this school year. So the message to get across is this, we are stronger if we come together as one.

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