Battling the darkness

I can see you lurking in the darkness, I can hear your voice in my head, I've felt the tear drops as they've fallen due to the horrible things you've said, you tell me that I'm not good enough, that I'm a burden to all that I hold dear, that they would all be better off if I were not here.
I can feel your presence as your watching me throughout the night, consumer of my dreams, thriving off of my fright. I awaken into distraughtness, lost, afraid... confused. I fail at distinguishing the difference between what is reality, what is not, what is wrong and what is right. Your shadow follows me... I don't know what to do to rid my life of you!
Your screams drive me insane, I lose my sanity, I lose my sight. Within your abyss I feel like I'm caving inside. My retinas search for the light, my mind searches for my sanity, my soul searches for the light, my heart tells me to fight!!!
As I feel my way in a circular motion around this cold ass abyss that you keep me held captive in I somehow still maintain hope. I pray to one day see the light of the dawn of a new day although I don't know.... if that will ever happen. Still I have hope that one day it will.
Until that day, I will not give up, I will not give in to your demonic desires, your demonic need, I will fight until I find the light once again that shines from within me.
You will not win this battle! You Will Not Win! Release me or I'll find a way to set myself free from living with this monstrosity. I long to spread my wings and fly.... to finally be rid of this life of lies and finally be fully able to enjoy living my life.... to finally be unafraid. For Fear, he is a liar!

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