We The People


United States
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If there is anything

Our country needs more of

It is

That five letter word.

The one that graces our mouths

Ever so often.


We’ve spoken it too much;

It has lost it’s meaning


It’s definition

Means nothing

Unless acted upon.

Such a common word

Like “the”

Or “and”.


It’s even in our title

                       United States of America

We are States.

We are America.

But we are not United.


Merriam-Webster has many definitions for it.

But the top one,

The very first one you see is:

  1. Made one


Are we one?

America was founded off of unity.

Everyone was different,

Had different ideas,

Different lives.

But when the time called for it,

They said “We have to become one,

If we want to win.”


Now is our time.

The time when

We put aside our differences,

Acknowledge the fact that we are

Not the same,

And unite.

We must become



We need a change.

What America needs to have is


To become


And actually make the phrase

                    “We The People”

A reality.

For history repeats itself, and,

With America’s history,

We should all be fearing for our lives.

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