The Slave Shoe Poem

Sneakers, gym shoes, my father call them gymmies. Nikes, Jordans, Jays ; I love them

Its funny;

its funny how our most cherished items embody our greatest struggles. Any black man from your cousins to uncle. All of them -like a comic book super hero they fly in with a swoosh!!! We dont even tie 'em up anymore, we wear our shoes loose. And our people FOUGHT to end oppression. Yet our demands cause TYRANNY and support the depression... That it brings "Let freedom ring" or at least thats what we sing. Yet, i still cherish my Jay's Standing here a hypocrite dreaming of better days. Nightmares of sweat shops filled with haze. We sit here with our sneakers chained together... Linked forever and ever By our nikes, our Jay's Linked And in different ways WE US...

Are still considered slaves.


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