Strength is about determination
the power one has when things get tough
Fighting through the frustration
and remembering that life can be rough

Strength is not physical, but mental
proven to me as my mom battled cancer
As she powered through the detrimental
knowing that why this happened to her had no answer

She powered through for three years
as she continued to tend to a normal lifestyle
Along the way, we shed many tears
but things went downhill after awhile

She lost her ability to carry out everyday tasks
She lost her battle and passed
We were forced to put on masks
not believing that it happened so fast

Her battle taught me a lot, nevertheless
She taught me how to be strong
no matter what the stress
With that, I can never go wrong

I hold the idea of being strong close to my heart
something I aspire to be
Molding into the person I want is something I can finally start
Because of my mom I learned strength is key

This poem is about: 
My family


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