In a Pit of Anger


I one was as a-rottin' 
As you'd think a man could be 
I spent my days a-loadin' 
My 1873 

I had no wife to watch me 
I'd lost her years ago 
As for my one and only son 
He had no fights to own 

I spent my days a-walkin' 
Out on the edge of town 
Lookin’ for a man 
Who could put me in the ground 

I stood there like a statue 
As I'd done in time before 
My boy walked up 
Said, "Daddy don't kill no more" 

I said, "Now boy, you listen 
You get up and you go on home 
You're 17 years old 
And you got no fights to own" 

He said, “Pa, you don’t need to kill 
To prove that you’re a man” 
I said, "Shut up put on this belt 
Or you’ll be dammed"

My boy he said, "No, Daddy" 
I said, "Shut up and pull your gun" 
He threw it in the dirt... 
And I shot my only son... 

My God... my son what have I done? 
Words echoed through the skies 
I knelt down right beside him 
You've got your momma's eyes… 

He said, "I love you, Daddy 
I know you meant no wrong" 
I tried to speak "I know daddy 
You loved me all along" 

Come on, get up let's go on home 
"No, Daddy I've got to go 
We'll meet up again around the bend 
And we'll walk on down the road" 


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