Currents and Castles


United States
27° 30' 50.6376" N, 81° 31' 36.2208" W

You have a castle for a mind and those flags
They don't bear enough welcome
Put your drawbridge down
We won't all hurt you how some have
Call off the guards and stone walls
A strong defense only hides the most golden of us all
If your worth were so small
Why hide behind weapons and shields
Within yourself are ruins and treasures
The broken pieces will come together
Making you better than you were from the war before
Your burdens are weights
Waiting to be broken, not bound
Lift your arms and come away from those scars
We can't always swim through oceans in storms
But if you're sinking you'll try
You were built for this struggle
With enough bones to hold you up
Currents will come but so will knights
Fight for the nights we spent inside
Roaming the walls of our castles, our minds


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