Rally the People

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 01:29 -- Will-0

Guns, drugs, sex, and more.

These are the things that make you a whore.

At least that’s what society has taught me, of course,

about things I don’t deal with, things that seem Morse.


But what society has taught me is to look through rose-colored glass 

at this privilege in front of me, ignoring injustices of the past.

To look upon them with eyes unclouded by hate

as though they don’t matter or don’t reciprocate.


These items are thrust upon people as bait

while cops keep saying they enforce “criminal hate”

and people are battling everyday for their lives

going through war zones just to survive.


Because instead of fighting these troubles of ours

society has corrupted it up to the stars

and blown off these problems as though less than steam,

while making their money from places most wouldn’t see.


And they teach about equality and fairness and love,

while looking at you and preaching about all the heavens above.

As though somehow their thoughts are more important than a mind,

as though we can be bought by the fortunate kind.


Screw that, I say.

I’m tired of being quiet!

People today are bleeding

in order to hold this riot.


So grab the politicians, who are retreating once more,

and tell them about all the things we abhor.

“There are neighborhoods dying, this is such a mess.

Politicians, stop lying. This is no time for rest!”


Let’s rally the people,

the rich AND the poor,

to fight these injustices,

to save what we adore.


This blood that’s been shed

will not go unnoticed.

A future with dread?

Not even in the remotest.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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