a portion of hell

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 15:55 -- YETTIIE

Can anyone hear me?
Please its me mariam, I'm lost and I don't know where to go. I want to live this place; words can't describe what I'm going through. Every morning I'm woken with the smell of smoke that chokes my lungs till my eyes open wide, I say to myself LORD why don't you just take me from this he'll hole. The men comes in and takes us to the near by stream where we usually have our baths. The men stand while we wash, can you imagine being sexually harassed by another person eyes.
The men uses us as they want its like a war zone everyone is fighting for their lives, I'm faced with explicit content at this young age, I'm sure if their own kids were here they'd care a little more, they force us to do unimaginable things, please please forgive me for whatever I've done. This people don't care that they've taken some's daughter, sister, niece, and aunt. We've been labelled all sort of names, I feel as though this tragedy will forever stay in mind and often traumatise me.
We all pray for the same thing a divine break through from the trenches of hell, they say their fighting for islam when their not. Islam is a religion of peace not terrorism, they say their treating us well when we're being maltreated. I can't seem to imagine how people can be so wicked my head aches at their ways, my heart breaks by their action
Where's the love, I ask
we should be our brothers and sisters keepers, not stab and cause each other so much envenom.
I see the headlines and my people are weeping, but no one is listening,
What do we have to do to be heard?
Maybe if I kill myself they'll listen or they'll brush it off like dust on a mantle.
I'll be brave and hang on as long as I can, but know that I'm HUMAN so when it gets too much, I'll kindly say my prayers and say goodnight.

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