What Is It?

Can you hear me now?

As I call out into the silence

shattering the illusion of peace

only to refill the space with

the weeping of the mourning,

and groaning of the dead,

the screaming of the innocent

who can see the wars ahead.


Can you see me now?

Am I anything but a pssing silhouette?

Passing from one moment to the next unseen,

forgetten and lost in the commotion of the scenery.

Just like the child who is lost,

only to be taken away by a stranger into the dark.

Just like the girl who is seeking help

wanting to escape the circle of prostitution she is in.

Just like the junkie who seeks to escape

his sorrows through a needle,

like the jumper who breaks.


Can you smell the blood that soaks the earth?

The metallic smell that polutes?

The blood of soldiers

tortured and killed for the ideals of others

for the politician's will.

The blood of the children whipped

enslaved to the boundries of their class in which they stay.

The blood of the woman murdered yesterday

because she did not agree with the terms of her abusive spouce.

The blood of the man killed in greed,

because to some people money over life is the priority.


Can you see the world now,

and what humanity has made?

A creature of many faces,

all dark and ungly,

all deadly and unfriendly,

all somewhat funny.

See it is what we call conformity,

what we call privalage and hate,

what we call supperiority, politics, and fate.

Most stand idly by or are a part of its rampage,

but there are a few good souls left to fight.

So will you take a stand?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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