Back When


United States
28° 37' 1.2612" N, 81° 25' 20.6544" W

Back when I was a ballerina
I turned and twirled
With leotards and pink tutus.
I sautéed.
I plied.
I turned and went the wrong way on stage
And provided plenty of laughs for my family.

Back when I was a walker
My mom made my dad wait
Down the street from the school.
I walked.
I was a cool kid.
I embraced the hot sun
And made my way to the truck.

Back when I was a softball player
I was very dedicated.
I went to practice and did my best.
I ran and slid.
I swung and hit.
But the injuries took their toll.
I miss it now.

Back when I was a writer
I had to write three short poems,
All about the past I barely remember.
It took all night.
My writing was strained,
My creativity was spent,
And I just wanted to go to sleep.


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