Descent of the Usurper

Thu, 01/09/2020 - 12:14 -- Le-Ju

 “A disastrous war will lead to our freedom.”

 Or so, you say.

 “There is no path. It’s the only way.”


 Fight to the bitter end

 Fight till all has been lost or won;

 Regardless, “There is nothing else that can be done!”


 Innocent lives will be included too.

 But I only do this; all because of you.


 This violence; and the way you act..

 When will you ever stop?

 Will you ever just leave it at that?


We can hear the screams of those that fall at your hands

But we just turn away; without a single glance.


And I can’t help but miss the times when I knew you;

When you weren’t so bitter nor so cruel


But it’s a shame your heart is now filled with hate

Hate for them; but also hate for you

Hate for all the things you could never do.



 “Keep moving forward.” 

..Is all you have to say.


Because, “There is no path. It’s the only way.”



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