Things That Break

Clouds, the molecules within them

like crystal beads of regret.


They left one another alone for too long

and they cried themselves into a snowstorm.


You are a snowstorm and I am snow boots,

you can walk with me and I will keep you steady.


But that is all: steady.

I am not steady myself, but you didn’t ask for that.


Sometimes I love myself and sometimes I am halfway there.

I wish you would see me


In a cloud maybe, that sounds nice.

I am things that break.


I am a molecule, made of regret.

I am constantly splitting.


I do not forget you, even when you break.

Because things that break, what are they again?


I guess you,

If you let it.


It, the way people are 

It, the way clouds rain and rain


And it is like me. I am it.

The constant snow storm trying to ruin you,


Wait no I am the boots,

I am trying to steady you.


In the moments when we break 

I am struck: to be better 


Is a lifelong pursuit I will never give up.

And when things break


I will fight harder to put their molecules back together.


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