Sad Poem

Today I am a sad poem

Not because of any man

Or any woman either

Not because there is nothing to be happy about

And I have much to be thankful for

I am a sad poem because I’m sad

Because my brain has decided we are sad

And no matter how hard I fight

Or how much I push,

Today, We are sad

As if there aren’t enough sad poems.

So maybe I’m a haunted house,

Full of the ghosts of my past

Frantically fidgeting with unfinished poems that flew away with the fog of a new season.

A crumbling foundation built on the backs of those who have suffered

And what about my heart?

There are so many sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean what makes my heart any different?

Let it fill with the salty water

The cold dark depth of the ocean

Let the endlessness swallow me whole

And let me forget you

Forget how I used to stay afloat for you

How I flew for you

How my heart skipped a beat for you

How your laugh was the wind in my sails

The water at my feet

And the sun on every horizon

But I sleep alone now

A watery grave in the sand below

Do not let my sad poem ruin your mood

Or break your heart

Or draw a tear

Sad poems are poems as well

Poems with pain in each paragraph

I am sad because the storms are coming

The thunder is rolling in the back

And there’s this feeling

This overwhelming feeling

That things will get better

But I won’t be here to see it


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