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Inhale. Chest crushing lungs. Trust being pushed.   Exhale. Chest releasing its grip, but still holding on ever so slightly. Trust standing at the edge of a cliff.
Tongue trips my words. Brain reconsiders the words after they fall. Sound pulls them back to the depths, and they are not heard. The words I wanted to speak worked hard to get to the tip of my tongue.
I have never won a poetry competition. Never gotten second, third, or an honorable mention for that matter.I have never been told I should become a poet, but that’s not why I write.
We are not appraised by how we begin Nor are we judged by our face or our skin We learn to hide what we’re told to by others Using our clothes and makeups as covers  
Hazed silence/   Hazed silence of the drip of water/   Hot steam trails that hit the frigid pavement/   Heavy pants of closure  
I know why the willow grows. It grows for a life it yearns to know. It grows for you. It grows for me. It grows so tall for all to see. The willow grows because it can because no one told it that it can’t.
I wish I could tell you I have something to say But when I finally try to You walk far away   The somethings a secret That only I know I tried hard to keep it But it’s starting to show
What if I could live in a world in which I never fell for you? What if I never fell for you? What if I never fall again? Never feel the scrape of my knees hitting earth again.
Do you remember the days, the nights, the adventures we always used to share? Flying away on wings of laughter that were built on mutual care. Five good friends and lots of fun was all I used to need.
Isolation of my soul brought out the worst in me The original justification for this was Ive been hurt before so why try again but once I got the taste of love on my toungue again
why am i doing this not for myself, just for the grade not that i really need it, just for my parents why are they more worried than i am ive already done all that they asked
The new year has come Why do people find this  A time to change  What's wrong with changing  In the middle of the year Why can't a person change  Sooner  Wouldn't that  Save us 
Yes and No Everytime you talk, You tell me how i'm so pretty. Now you have me in shock, those words come with a fee. You're hot, you're cold
To My Ex, J . G . .....
We've been down this road before. Each time it hurts a little more. I really don't know WHAT you want from me. When we are doing good, WHY won't you let it be? I KNOW that you love me, don't say that you don't...
The question is... When did you start caring? You never once took action to make sure I was okay You never once asked me how was my day You never once told me it was going to be okay You never once!
Blue magic more blond then bleached, a little tarnesed slightly bent out of shape with sheep, unbarable stench meldoing cum stained sheets, wasnt me as he is so to speak, unprovoked dismanteld damenesing regaining adbominal not standing on my own
What does the world have on us? lets set ourselves free we're under this fake world's shadow, indeed! i keep asking how can the sun keep shining after going down the sea
Why do we come to meet people That are just going to leave? Why do we get close to most, Because in the end it's just going to hurt. Yes, the time with them are memories That can never be replaced,
     do you think i'm stuPid? did yOu Really think i wouldN't find out? you told me you quit months ago but, i had my doubts. i didn't asK you to stop because I wanted to controL you. you toLd me about it before, why are you hiding it now?
A perfect bond. Conversations go on for hours with no effort Two passionate hearts  Telling one another "we will make it"    Through love                      Through faith Through patience 
are you the reason i left? are you the reason i dropped everything? are you the reason my heart was shattered?  yes you are    you ripped my heart out of my chest  you put it through a blender
And they speak of age – the elder years.   It’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow has not settled. Now, Darkness, woe, and failure stench abound.
Why is love so cold? We sit back and wait til we grow old. In search to find the person of our dreams, We are left to be the one in need. Crying all night with no one to talk to,
Even after I watched you Push me off the edge My fingertips still reached out for you.
Why  Why am I still afraid of you Why do I still cower Or feel the urge to run away You have this power over me Maybe you just took it and  Never gave it back I certainly didn't hand it to you
1/30/18 Dear mom, I couldn’t understand why… Why were you so uptight with me. Why were you not patient with me. Why were you never home with me.
Dear divinity.   I have many questions for you That I'm not sure you'll ever answer Because over the last few years of my life My fealty to you Has grown less and less steadfast.
I am afraid to love something that is so pure yet wrong To be a bird flying against a current going To Who knows where
if you could only take the why out of it  what’s yours could have been ours
As you looked at me I can see love But is it the right love I want You tell me you want me always But you push me away as soon as I get close I can see you wanting me to be there
Love all no matter the color! Coming from a place of purity No one should have to be undercover. Not a little, not a lot. Who is to say what will come or whatnot. Love all no matter the race!
Love is pain Love is kind Love is honestly a waste of time  there's no true love's kiss  or a frog turned prince because love is absent in today's kids  Love is hurt  Love is cries
Why now? I must know How this life grow so large on this Earth we stand on to revive Need some advice to be nice? U and I are together on this, swear things will change
After I tasted you for the first time everything tasted  The way the first bird of spring sounds SCREAMING demanding to be heard 
Wrapped inside a dream, Where no one can hear the screams, The screams of the world that are not what they seem, They seem to be smiles and unbreakable esteem, But their truth, like I, are trapped in this dream.
I remember The stones They way they pelted.   I remember The girls The way they laughed.   I remember The fear The I fought not to tremble.   I remember
I’m fed up with feeling like I’m failing I’m fed up with shooting for the moon and landing in the mud   I'm fed up with the pictures, the size I’m supposed to be
I don't waste my time every morning because I think it's funny. I don't make new friends in my own interest. I don't stay at school to practice for 14 straight hours because it's fun.
Once again I long for a view into someone else's mind I wish to see your thoughts and feelings and how you feel about me. Is that hate in your eyes? No, you don't hate, Just strongly dislike.
Today is the day I have a date today With a guy who just seems great He is just like me in countless ways We have the same order at Subway
Why did you do this to me? Why did you crush all my hopes? You took all my hard work And threw it to the ground Like it meant nothing. Do you hate me or something? Why do you hate me?
up, Up, UP! Say “hello”, “Goodmoring” Get Dressed, GO! Day-in, Day-out Quickly, forward go, Go, GO! Pass it. Bye.   A light in the distance A Spark in the Sky
I say I need my space And that's because I'm scared I see you everywhere and my mind is drifting toward your picture glaring there, It's just past 4 am and you can't sleep
I need to get over this why? cuz i feel like shit  but how do I just forget about this? it takes precedence in everything i do and everything I say
Wait Why is this happening? All the tears counting amounting And no one here comforting Something so unmistakable Something so breakable 
                         I hate Spanish, I already am bilingual                           Don't know why I am taking this class                         This woman always calls me out,and it gets me mad 
I leap up to life,  to see what is above me. The flame within me is burning. I look to the sky, and see the drrops forming. Clouds, clouds, clouds. I know that it is coming. I look up and there they are.
 I'm shedding tears for all the people we've lost just this year. From senseless violence to overgrown conspiracies, can't you see the enemy? They hide in plain sight so no can ever see.
I saw a chifferobe One made of pale hickory That shimmered with clean Said to be magical And smelled of caffeine Forsaken among the young And murmurs with the old It guides one's tongue
Why do you do the things you do, with your laughable smile that makes me laugh too? Why do you do the things you do, with your kissable freckles that make me love you? Why do you do the things you do,
At 12:49 in the morning, I am asking myself why I write. Why do I write songs? Why do I write essays? Why do I write letters to my loved ones? At 12:52, I am answering; I am allowed. I am able.
I like laying next to you You are probably the only person I can confide in for almost everything that happens in my life But, of course, the time we have together is sacred because....you have a girl at home 
Overuse, Overthink, Oversimplify       The degree to which we suffer is surely to the nth Forced to lose humanity, when I can't pay my rent Swear to god
When the world is dark, And the tears stream down my face. When I can’t breathe, When the weight of the world rests on my shoulders, That is WHEN I write. When the colors fade to grey,
Here I watch the crowds scatter Vast amounts of doubts gather I've steered my train of thought, trained the brain to block out chatter Town after town, I traded what I had known
Why is it That all of my best work Comes at my lowest points?
It didn't take too much To bring me down to my knees. To leave me laying on the floor Covered in bruises and blood. To leave me laying alone in the dark.   So here I stay on the floor,
why do i write such sad things people ask and i never know what to sing i guess its cause of the mental state im in i let the paper take away the sting the pens ink revealing the pain within
We loved with a love that was unlike anyother.
Purpose is the driving force behind all action. Is it to much to ask, to know one's purpse? The answer is never where you look. But One thing is for certain; one Thing remains the same as time slides by--
Why are there so many things in this world to worry about? Why do I wait and wander in my worries when I could be doing something fun  like making babies or going on journeys? Why is the world so mean?
Don't yell at me. It no longer works. The damage is done. I have been broken.   I care no more. This game is wicked. I will not stay. Why must you damage?
  YouThe one I wantThe one I hold close to my heartForever and everThe one I don't want to let goYouThe spark that ignites the fire in my soulThe chill ascending upon my spineThe major chords played in our melodyThe emotions carried in my tearsYou
Have you ever just sat down and wondered, Why poetry? Was it an escape from the harsh reality: Pain demanding to be felt The loss of your loved ones
why do I keep trying, why do you want me fighting. I am stressed with myself.   Why do you want me here? are you really in fear?
I'm tired of all these morons acting like a philosophic class These people, more like sheeple standing lonely in the aftermath Thinking if only they can get the holy that is up for grabs
Each flower I picked for you I wished and wished For your words to be true But even the steams Knew you told lies Slowly, they shrunk Without saying their goodbyes Each flower I picked
He touched my skin, He kissed my lips. He told me I was special, He made me believe.  Maybe love is real, even for someone like me. But then she came along and stole him away.
I dream of you. Standing next to a car with leather seats that became too hot in the summer.  With eyes, golden as the embers in a fire With arms, hugging me tightly With lips. that kissedmy forehead when I was sick
Why; Is an unsolvable question that I ask myself every day. Why am I here? Why am I stuck in this Hell hole? Why do you like me? Why don't you like me? Why do I feel like this? Why do I do what I do?
Why is the world so angry? Why is the world so cruel? Why do I turn on the TV and hear all this bad news? Why can't we all just get along? Why do people see color
She asked Him a question   which was an interesting one it was just that   suppose if He had not met Her in His life   what would He have felt missed in His life?  
I just turned 18 And you don't seem to want me around So I went and bought a pack of ciggs downtown But all I can think is how ashamed you'd be right now   A stiff draw The air nibbles my ears
Why do you have to remove me from your life? Am i a toy you could just use?  Am i a nobody?  I am a human just like you. I don't like to be play around, nor be used. I have a brain, a mouth, and a soul. 
Why does love equal hate?Why do you have to put me through so much pain?Why am I going insane?Why do you have time for yourself but not me?
Elementary schoolI bring home big scoresThe best in the testAdvancedExemplary
Sometimes I                         wonder why the world is just so                         unaccepting                                     of diversity.  
Let’s give a round of applause for the girl who stayed up all night and studied her but off for an exam she was sure to fail due to lack of sleep.
Strength is something not many people have Courage is something many people lack Belief is something most of us claim
WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  Why did we killed in Vietnam?  Why were we born?  Just to die.  And have our names. 
March 25 2012 When I was 6 years old I lost something It wasn’t just anything Not something that can be replaced at a store Not a thing But a who, At just six years old I lost my father,
Why are we fighting? Why are we rioting? Why are we dying? Why is this happening? Why do we hate? Why do we hide? Why are we blind? Why not be kind?
What if everything changed? What if it got better? What if it got worse? What if it I was happy?
Fear is just a lack of knowledge, so gain some knowledge on that spider on the wall and overcome it.
The balding man stood behind the girl with the hair,and he wished for just an ounce of her flair.But he looked at his hands and he thought to himself:"I'm so ordinary, it's no fair."
Not sure what to do How to fix this  If it is possible I want it to be 
What's life without an aim
Stone, I waited on the couch, Listening with every fiber of my being. Unmoved, I squeezed tight my breath, Hoping to hear words which weren’t there.                                 But the words that were there
When you look at me and ask me to tell you the truth i'm basically expected to pretend.
I strived for perfection Finally perfect my look in the reflection Just like that the mirror cracked Broken once more Pieces to be picked up And reassembled So tired of trying to reconstruct
Drip Drop Drip
I am of flesh I breath sin I keep to myself what lies within   But do express And I'll give you notice When storms draw near I feel their closeness   Love one love all
Through the cracks I fall, Waiting for the moment of certainty, So I can grab a handhold and regain stability.
"I'm going to swing from the chandelier"
Raw as can be, I sit on my chair,feeling,although I don't like to be felt.  My head hurts from thinking too much aboutthe undeniablefuture. 
I am perfect beyond imperfection Nothing can comprehend this lesson That the rise and fall of every good king
So many people asking who? So many people asking how? So many people asking when? So few people asking why, Why people are asking?
I am a flower
I think the saddest word is maybe Maybe I did It Maybe it was not me Maybe I will never admit   If I may be a good girl  Maybe I should wait
I have trouble keeping my imaginary body together, Free from the safe house of epidermal covering and rippling plasma I used to be enamored, in love with the entity that led me to my self-destruction
Tomorrow Tomorrow That is when you will be all mine When our hands fold like cards When I feel your marrow against mine
Why am I nervous around you?
Smile, Wave hello, Be friendly, Be bold, Be perfect. They expect that from you, So you give it to them.   “What’s wrong?” They ask, if you only slightly frown.
This was never about love Or the romantic notion That you still cared for me. It wasn’t in some doomed attempt To get me back like I might have hoped Those short few months ago
Why do people feel the need To say they’re sorry for everything? I’m sorry you’re sad. I’m sorry you’re happy. I’m sorry you’re hurt. I’m sorry you’re sorry. Sorry has become just a word
          All I do is love you But look what you put me through You come home drunk, angry and swinging I cower in fear awaiting the stinging
If you are Caucasian, Asian, or of Middle Eastern persuasion everyone wants to be black for the occasion You wear saggy jeans and you come off like this Do you really know what its like to be black and dissed
I’m scared to tell you what’s going to happen, ‘Cause I’m not ready to let you go, I’m scared if I tell you, We might never grow, I’m scared to say “I love you”, ‘Cause it ain’t so,
I am from the sun and sea, fire and earth I am from forbidden love, heat and passion I am from broken laws and wounded souls Constant trips and endless highs   I am from falling snow and raging winds
I enter many slams yet i dont get any feedback Are my poems weak What do I have to tweak To make it better not only for me Im losing it but I am trying to control it before I blow a lid
Lying awake while nosie in the background fills the space in my mind, putting off the feelings I've felt on the surface to bring the dark ones to light I'm scaring myself tonight  
Is it really love? Or is it desperation and loneliness possibly?    Hearts are so... Minds are: Numb. Baraged. Attacked.   Is it really love? Happiness?
"It wasn't anything YOU did, I do have trust issues." Your words still ring through my head What could have happened To make you this way Why couldn't you have told me sooner The tears I wasted
I don't want to be your smoke break In the middle of the night, when you decide to take me out,
every night i relive that night that night you chose to end your life   every night i relive that night you hanging limp the police cars   every night
rape a word society has deemed to be unacceptable in conversation rape an action a second that makes a difference rape a victim whose life will never be the same rape
I write to express my gratitude , To the one who sits high and look low
Dedicated in loving memory to Danielle Nicole Church--a friend who wasn't held dear enough.   When you find the end of the tears-- You know its supposed to be over now. Even your body is sending signals.
Tell me why Tell me why does the world have to be like this? All of this chaos and all of the catastrophes. For no legitimate reason. Tell me why Tell me why are people are so judgemental?
Everyday is a living day  As i see people come and go by For some people is tragedy  For some others is heaven Twenty-two seven, Wandering in the streets Writing my life on these sheets
I wish I listened. My only escape is here. This paper has wings.
The move was unanticipated but brutal The punch that you recieved from Life Obliterates you to the core Always thinking it won't be me But now saying why me? 
Who are you? You help make me, you birthed me , but who are you?
As I sit down once again, in front of the old computer with the whirring fan My fingers begin to hit the black keys, each one a small click That make an musical orchestra of words  
how is i that i lay here listening to sad songs and the pouring rain letting vodka slip down my throat into my veins  counting seconds between lightning and thunder... how is it that with this razor in my hand
Why is the question I always ask myself, Its my mind wanting to learn, But I find myself a hypocrite,
"I'm Sorry!" "Please come back..."
Why is it her fault? What did she do? He didn't hear her words, Didn't accept her saying no. Why is she to blame? Curled up on the bathroom floor, No hope,
I write to free my mind To suprise myself with what I find It gives me wings So I may escape and be alone on the sea   I write to free my heart From those who tore it apart It gives me shelter
Why? Why do you say that? Why do you look at me like that? Why? I know why
Have you ever lay silently still and listened to the sound of an orchestrated piano solo play peacefully in your ears and wonder how something seemingly so simple can be so beautiful?
   If I Could Fly   If I could fly, I’d fly to you If I could fly, I’d fly in the blue, And darkness too I would travel the globe, And bring back trinkets and doodads, With pictures of beyond
I pushed my hand against my chest in search of a soundbut my heart beat was no where to be found.what a tragedy I must be for my heart to have abandoned meI pressed a little harder but still couldn't feel a thing
I beg the question: What are we fighting for? By this, I don’t aim to challenge the conventions of English grammar. Instead, I aim to challenge the conventions of human thinkers.
Why do I try?
I Heard When I Walked Into First Period
You promise that you'll stay this time--
Daddy why did you leave me  Aren't you supposed to  Hold me  Love me  Comfort me  Daddy why did you hit her Aren't you suppose  to protect her Love her Respect her
Why. Why do you ask a question that you already know the answer too? Why is it that every syllable that comes out of my mouth is followed by your short smile and laughter to make me feel special?
Maybe there's no saving you anymore         Maybe those beads are as phony 
Why can't we be accepted for who we are? Why cant we be loved for who we are? Why do we feel the constant need to act like someone we arent? Why can't we all be treated equally?
Why does she keep coughing? Its like she can't breath or something. But I know she can breath Because if she couldn't breath She wouldn't be able to smoke!
The rain. The rain. My bare feet on the cold wet ground. I stare across the vast expanse which is my city. The trees. The houses. The lights. The cars. As the rain falls, my world seems to go in slow motion.
Why do we fight?
I never knew what love was like That was until I met you How could I forget? Your smile, your eyes the way you fret It made me feel like I was invincible. All that changed one day.
My scars are hidden,  Not self-inflicted Still they reflect,  My anatomical neglect.   See, I was born with a battle.  And I've just got to deal,  But your comments rattle
I know your eyes aren't seeing like they used to see And the track marks left circles round your heart They say the sun must always set on beauty  Cause the rain always needs a place to start  
Do you ever wish you were born a guy? 
Why do this thing where we live life, when one day we will not wake up? Why get out of bed every morning to drag our feet on the ground? What impact can I have, little me to this big world. Why try? 
Why do this thing where we live life, when one day we will not wake up? Why get out of bed every morning to drag our feet on the ground? What impact can I have, little me to this big world. Why try? 
I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
humanity:world peace! humanity:fight fire with fire.   parents:be yourself! parents:stop being who you are.   humans:love thy neighbor! humans:god hates fags.  
Why is the sky blue? Let's make it purple.   Why is the grass green? Color it blue.   Why do humans have such beastly attitudes? Put a smile on their face.  
Why must we try,  on something that'll never work? If just looking at me is painful, Why even try?   If there is no rhym nor reason, then what's the point?  what's there to say?  
As I stare at the sky
Why write a poem Why not a persuasive essay to convince someone to do something Why not a thesis to bring a new idea into the world Why not a nonfiction book to educate Why not a novel to entertain
it is strangling, sucking out my inner self till im nothing but a lifeless carcus  till my ashes drift away with the roaring wind and become one with the apmosphere.
You know I have never figured out why we love.
why cant i see you? 
I will not be satisfied  until I can leave my home wearing whatever I please whenever I please and not be worried about who I may provoke.    I will not be satisfied until I know
WHY?  The child asks, Mum Why does the sun shine so bright,  WHY is the grass so green, and the water so blue? Mum WHY, WHY Mum WHY? one day you'll know child 
In the midst of dayThere I sit in my roomAnd stare awayMy water is tainted and condensendingAnd my mind slowly blows smoke ringsI watch the stoney trees
you always fall asleep before me 
It’s never really about sex, is it? Then why do we care? It’s never really about sex, is it? Power.  Closeness.  Acceptance. It’s never really about sex, is it?
Why I am fighting for your attention Why I am looking for your consideration I need you in my life, but why?  I want you to feel better.  Mommy. Why? 
  Why do you love me?   Sometimes I wonder How such a magnificent creature like you
How do you expect us to conform to buying your books? How do you expect us to rest well? How do you expect us to eat properly? How do you expect us to arrive on time? How do you expect us to become great people?
Why must we always question authority? Obviously we should back down, We're simply the minority.    I'll tell you why we stand and fight, Why we won't give up the shiny crown,
Why make us memorize things? Aren't we supposed to understand and learn. Why make us sit and stare at words? Aren't we supposed to be able to make the words appear on the paper.
teacher sits at desk doesn't notice Jim crying why don't you notice  
Why are people greedy? Why do some people live in the street? Why can't we all just love one another? Why are children bullied? Why do some people take there lives? Why is there war?
You live in the essence of insanity!
Look at you sitting behind that desk, acting all high and mightyWe are not your toys to fuck withWe are human beingsWe are teenagers, hormonal brats that need help during this crucial time 
As an adult I respect you, As a person, not so much. Not because of the way you dress, Or because of the low grade you gave me On the essay that I spent three weekends trying to write.
You want me to admit when I'm wrong, But you never do You say it's not right to lie, But you lie all the time You tell me to stop being gloomy But you're angry all the time
She said we'll never talk about it again That doesn't mean she won't think about it I did wrong And I feel like shit Why do I always fall into the Devil's temptations?
Point your finger at Me, For I am the only target to see. I was blind And I was naive. I didn't see How I affected you, Or how I affected Me.  But time has passed,
if. the two letters stuck in the middle of this crazy thing called   life. the four letters that can be amazing or we can say if   only. the one word
Life was taken away too quickly, No one knows why it had to be, It left a hole in our hearts, We remember the life that touched us so deeply.
When you took at your phone and asked me to smile And tell you I loved you, I just waved you off I didn't notice the suitcase on the floor Or the sadness in your face.  
Every day I slouch at my desk I write and I write and I write. Every day I raise my hand high in class I speak and I speak and I speak. Every day I lay down in bed I think and I think and I think.
Knowing that I have an attraction for you makes me so upset with myself. How could I let this happen to me?
A normal day like any other, You smile across the room. I make my way to talk to you, Then screams erupt, but whom?   Our eyes dart to the open door, Where classmates hurry by,
You say I don't know shit, but whose teaching me? You say I won't match up to anything, but whose teaching a student that smarter than them?
I found him on the corner of Central Ave. He just stood there smoking his cigarette Making little white ghost with each exhale Creating more clouds to shade the earth He knows I'm watching, he's no fool
When we walked the face of Earth, Wasn’t the world a happy one? A collection of blessings made up our very lives, And in the blinks of weary eyes, We were gone.   Now as I peer into the past
Learn to pass the test Not to do your best   From primary to secondary schoolthat is all the student’s hear.   Learn to pass the test Not to do your best  
My close friend Luis decided to drive around in his motorcycle. Luis was innocent, he just wanted to drive around... So happy to be driving, the wind hitting his face, ignoring everyone.
Do this and do that, Why should I do all that? Explain to me the reason why, I must understand all this "why."   You work hard and try your best, But sometime you have to rest.
Please stop, I can't do this. No one here to help me though this. Sitting here and feeling clueless. No sleep, I'm in too deep. Don't know if I can make the leap. Sometimes the jump just looks too steep.
Am I the only one to look up at the sky and wonder What is beyond the stars yonder Like a sponge I soak up information About anything that I can find
Down, Down, Down the window, Down the window pane, Drip, Drop, Patter, Stop, Softly falls the rain. Grey skies, Stormy sighs, The clouds are hanging low,
There exists a never ending void So dark, dense and utterly devoid. No sound or light escapes this place. It has born you and will erase.   It will start early and will start young
What will be when I am gone? I think this question, thinking I’ll go on But for all I know, I could die tomorrow Then, would my loved ones grieve in sorrow?
These words that boil inside you are strong By nature, to hold them imprisoned is wrong Speak raw, speak power, speak truth, speak you, Your poem, your story, your song.   Do it for heart or do it for fun
I write because I never could throw a punch. I never could run fast enough jump high enough or beat you in sports at recess, But I could run circles around your head with unparalleled linguistic prowess. I spoke daggers,
sunday afternoon, over musings and tea                               you ask why so (answers in-kind, what pretend witticisms, how fun)       why do humming birds fly
I am untouchable Surrounded by the black gates Unsure of which to open “Let the people in!” Cries my heart Yet I am lost… Separated and gone   Write my name in the water
Emotions So hard to express; Feelings So hard to share; Thoughts lost in between what is and what can be. Communicate what is kept inside; Express what lies buried deep;
buried in metaphors, the allegory of a door representing the figurative pathway to the highways and byways of my brain- the complexity. as it rains, i'm brainstorming some more
Why I write   My words aren’t just words That are thrown into a sentence But you must uncover the mystery Of what I have written   I write for those who can’t But want to be heard
  A single lasting impression, The hinting lack of discretion He poured into each word he never said to me.   I am simply letters from a father, The aching heart of the waters
“WHY?”   Why does life have to be the way it is? Fallen for sin Given in, to temptation Living day by day as a demonstration. Blessed, yet from God, there’s a separation. Why?
I still find myself chasing the impossible.   So desperately trying, only knowing nothing but failure.                    nothing but pain.   I only want the things I can't have.
All I ever ask myself is why we have to die. It just puts depress on us and leaves us all to cry. Why do we have to leave even when we’re young? Before you even know it, the heaven bells have rung.
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
When we were just kids,Playing outside with all the other demonsI used to hide in the shadows,Terrfied of what these demons thought of me.
What is a poem? Really? A page--blank without words Words--bold, yet impossible without letters Letters--lines, scratches, dots So small, so miniscule,
I hear the soft footsteps of rain outside my window, It’s louder friend only seconds behind. They bring me no fear, No wariness, no excitement.
I smile because you asked me to; Because you took these lips, always upside down, gave them a tweak and turned them right side around. Because I’m no longer alone; I have no need to cry.
This is for the child, So young, Who thinks his parents don't care. Who sits up all night wondering, And hoping he'll do them well. This is for the girl, So scared, beaten and abused.
  Why try  I try because I want something new. I try because what I wanted was you I try and try, but no longer I do I've stopped trying, but I still think of you. Why try
  I am from time well spent and moments lost, Licking the cream from Oreos and Summer days spent at the park. Where I'm from we catch salamanders at the river, Stay up late watching drive in movies
I write for the world. Its skies of blue stretching uniqueness across the planet Revealing its luster and foliage for all the universe to see
Why did you have to leave? Why did you have to be there? Why did he have to take you? Having to see everyone and everything around me so gloomy was horrifying.
My name is Renee, consoled by my thoughts, or so I thought. I take words and create to poems, the power within them stays a mystery. I write to express, to heal, to relieve.
I write to release, the pain of my world undone. A shattered soul, and a lost trust. Scattered dreams, And a broken heart. Writing is the place where I start. I bleed out from within,
They wonder what goes on, can't see, even with glasses, thoughts of what I can and can't be, preach to be free from the masses.
  Ashes to ashes. Stardust to stardust.   Not something you can take with you Exactly But not something you can easily Relinquish. Grow claws just to clutch at it for a
After my master moved away- I saw some boys come out to play they played a game with balls and bats- and blood and bones and yowling cats I ran away from them an alleyway, so dark and cold
Poetry is the soul, written in ink You might as well ask me Why do I breath, why do I think? These words set my thoughts free They are a state of mind, unleashed  
Personify me.  The way you see me, and the way I see myself will forever reign  different.  Take control of the ink, push limbs to trees and write out a new beginning,  ending, way to live, 
  Writing is the calm after the storm  The rant after the fight  The memories after the moment  The shoulder that I cry on    It's an escape from reality 
The "Once Upon a Time"s and "the Last Week I"s never really seemed like much When such a better way existed To tell a story.   And when I took into account all that I knew about 
I was introduced to poetry 7th grade. I started to understand the concept: releasing. I write because it is an outlet for my frustration.
Why do I write? To understand. Who do I write? Myself. What do I write? Feelings. Where do I write? In the Black Book of Hate. When do I write? When I can't deal. Why DON'T I write?
Waking up, rubbing the crust out of my eyes to realize, where i reside is a land on its demise I then reflect on I, surrounded by subsidized housing and homeless vets, and fiends who get cocaine wasted by the ounces
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To degrade self esteem Of a human soul Can degrade life itself Depression takes its toll For the weak Don't feel complete Until withering Has reached its peak Utter despair strikes
To degrade self esteem Of a human soul Can degrade life itself Depression takes its toll For the weak Don't feel complete Until withering Has reached its peak Utter despair strikes
(poems gIt’s test day for students of African descent The test is administered but the questions on the test is what the students resent Instead of opposition the questions are faced with submission
Five butterflies whirr around my head-- playing catch-me-if-you-can with each other's glowing, neon flutter. I'm elated to see these spectacular creatures in orbit around me,
I write, and who for, but for you? I write for the twilights to come, I write for peace among men, peace in their hearts and souls, The wild nights, the worldly sights,
I take the time out to write just how I feel. To me, it's a big deal. What about you? I was taught not to fight, but to wright whenever the time was right. What about you?
Caution for ink does lie; The ever growing thoughts of cynicism Sporting the guise of romanticism Allow me to allow you to fall through the rye.
I am bound in new white pages, I am read throughout the ages. I am old and I am new, I am false and I am true. I am past, present, and future, I am modern and old culture. I am the hero and the villain,
Because I am weak, Because I am strong, I write To destroy evil, To create beauty, I write Because of peace, Because of turmoil, I write To learn, To give, I write
Why I write? I write because it’s right and its fundamental value can compensate for what I’m feeling. I write to tell the story of my life, what I’ve done, where I’ve been, what’s my meaning?
Is it truly never enough for such a word to be understated? to question its power and under rate it? to be sorry is it not enough?
Anger. Love. Strength. Weakness. Hate. Fear. I write for them. They take over. They use my pen to escape. Word By Word. Once they start, they do not stop.
I write to let out all the things that I cannot say in fear that I will get judged. I write to calm my nerves and to let myself know that I can’t give up.
Poetry. Like pictures, it creates a visual. Poetry.
It's what they do For others To express To voice To show For myself To be heard To organize To find
Writing is an escape From the things I can't control. Because my other method to cope Truly gives no control at all. My life is wild and crazy And the blades just make it hazy.
Time to go, time to run, time to work, and time for fun. Time for life time to laugh time to cry there are times for others then there are times for me times to think
I write daily, almost religiously. Saying things aloud, expressively yet only loud enough for the audience in my head to hear. I am the ultimate critic and even I don't scare me.
So why do I write? I am not a poet, but I write a lot of poetry. So why do I write? I write to show my point of view. So why do I write? Sometimes it’s to feel like I have a small amount of control.
Anxiety and depression Constant thoughts and second guessing My mind won't stop And failure to resolve is inevitable
why must you sit here and throw your life, why must you let your children do whatever the hell they want, Just so you know that is not ok, you can blame who ever you want for the reason why you do the things you do, But me myself I blame you for t
We shouldn't miss anybody who doesn't miss us Right? We shouldn't love anybody who doesn't love us Right? If that's so true than why Why? Why do we continue to put our feelings out there Why?
I told you that i loved you and i always would. you told me you did to and would give me the world. so why then did you run and leave me to wander what is left it this word of darkness and wonder?
What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel, what’s coming near? How does it happen? How does it come? How does it rise, or fall from the sun? Where does it live? Where does it sleep?
How to be perfect? No one quite knows. The search is forever, the answer unobtainable. Why do want to obtain it? That's how our mind goes. The quest is forever, the prize unavailable.
drunken delirious striving for an invisiable force that leaves me everytime I feel like life has flooded back into these hollow eyes,crusted lips and skulled face.
How can I live without food? It is like my kryptonite It can even take my taste buds on a flight The sweet sugary snacks put me in a good mood When I’m in the store, it seems to jump into my cart
A Summer Night Echo
Moving in spiral Faster and faster The world spins indefinite Heavy is the pressure Strong are the winds Spinning us around Forever we move A spiral down and up Leading to an end
In the darkness wails, “Oh why, Oh, why” Only light remains at last of breath Why, oh why do you not offer death?
I'm alone. Sitting, staring, waiting. Waiting for what, I don't know. Staring at what, I don't know. Sitting on what, grass. I sit a little longer. I stare a little longer. I wait for something new.
Whoever it was who said that war is heroic Never stood in the midst of one. Never felt the heat of a gun Or heard the CRACK of bone pierced by a hunk of lead.
Why write a poem? Why, Why, Why, Is that all we ask? Why go to school? Why stay at home? Why is it hot? Why, Why, Why?
I don't understand why the world is filled with violence or why people hurt others. I don't understand why innocent men, women, and children are killed when they had so much potential
Why i gotta mess up Why do i trust Why do i care Why am i here Why don't i have nobody Cause i aint worth ish, that's why
A silver tongue licks the flesh, And lets out crimson tears. The pain you feel brings you relief, Numbs over all your fears. There's nothing you can do to help, the problems that you face.
Those who fear the unknown often become afraid of Everything. They think they are righteous in fearing What is intangible. They think they are Protecting themselves. They are wrong.
Elation and delight fill the body Confidence like a pungent fragrance Alerting all those around Suddenly, The spider carrying doubt and fear arrives Biting that same body Spreading its toxic venom of lies
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