Left and Forgotten


The sky is dark, the stars are bright,

The air is full of lies;

The blackness is inside my heart,

The stars the devils eyes.

Wind goes through a tree rustling leaves,

Until by night is swallowed:

Words of evil whispered harshly

Leaving me completely hollowed.

Howling from far away: loud, long, alone

Silence when it went.

My heart’s cry replayed?

Or death’s wolves on my scent.

Tears blur my sight, my head aches.

It is the end of life.

I now have lost the fight.

I now have only strife.

There was no way I could have foreseen

The pain you will have brought,

But now it has turned my world gray,

And you left me distraught.

I don’t know why you left my life

Right after such a trouble.

You left me all alone to die,

Like cold and dusty rubble.

I keep thinking I can move on,

But I’m tripped by memories of you.

I know that I am falling,

But there is nothing to hold on to.

Joys are too few, hope there is none;

Why do I still try?

Every day I think of you,

Every night I cry.

I can’t go on without you by me

I cannot comprehend it.

I am naught since you are gone,

My spirit’s dimly lit.

My will is fading, my heart stopping,

My joy crushed long ago.

With all the pain you’re causing,

How could you just go?


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