Oh How I Hate Love


You know I have never figured out why we love.

Is it because we can or because it something that society thinks highly of and we just want to live how society thinks we should live.

 I doubt that love is needed in order to live.

However, it is a form of insanity. Sanity is living without love and yearning to be loved by the one who is loved. Dang, love is starting to get me irritated. It makes me do the most stupid things.

 From lying, to cheating, to dancing, to screaming, to dreaming, to over achieving to seeing to believing to bleeding bleeding bleeding..... What is love?! Wouldn’t life be much simpler if love did not exist? Wouldn’t life be bliss if love was not normal? If love was controllable?

Love makes me think. Think deeply of who I  am and who I want to be with. Love makes me not like love love because love makes me yearn for love which makes me talk about love which makes me think about love which makes me want to be loved! I hate love and love hates me.

Whenever love comes around, I run and hide in myself and remove all sorts of emotion from my superficial being.  Because if love finds out that I see it looking at me, I will be trapped and the cycle of love will begin to conform me!

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