All I do is love you


          All I do is love you

But look what you put me through

You come home drunk, angry and swinging

I cower in fear awaiting the stinging

Your heavy boots thump close near me

As you make your way  closer and fall on one knee

You unlatch my gate in which I sit penned up inside all day

I wimper and beg you with my eyes to let me stay

You grab me by my ears and drag me out

This night will be the same as any, no doubt

The look of evil gleams in your beady eyes

you grab me by my mangled fur and I cry out in surprise

Hopefully, I will surivive tonight and live to see tomorrows sunrise. 

         All I do is love you

But look what you put me through

My mangled fur a tangled mess

living in constant fear and stress

Maybe today you will feed me

Maybe today I wont have to flee

Maybe you will clean my cage

Maybe today you will end your rage 

 Maybe today will be different, maybe today you will love me back

I stop thinking this as soon as I hear your hard boots come home and make the floor crack

But all I do is love you

This much I know is true

But look, just look, what you put me through  

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