Why now?

I must know

How this life grow so large on this Earth we stand on to revive

Need some advice to be nice?

U and I are together on this, swear things will change

Most days U know?

Aren't you satisfied that you arrived on Earth?

Aren't you satisfied that you're alive on this turf?

See all cost of where the morale comes in pal

It's not about where my foot steps on, of course you can tell us what went wrong

WHOA...you know something?

I see, hear, feel, disappear, breathe, reveal who is in the mirror

Your reflections, that's who

Laugh out the loud while kriss kross the toss

The action of a contraction brain swerves through the controlling rolling subtraction

Time flies when you're having fun

What difference does it make to like live your dreams?

It seems so obvious that we think about what we young people enjoy doing

What we all want to accomplish more for ourselves

Live your life, dreams, and happiness

Stick with me

Please cease the day delay today

And maybe sooner or later, there will be a question that people will be asking why?


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Our world
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