Things I should tell you

Why am I nervous around you?

where I don't say much

and sit far from you

It's crazy because

I've always had a crush on you

and now that you're mine

It's like

I dont know what to do

All I want do is get to know you

I feel like we're in

different places

we're focusing on

different things

I just wish I could talk to you more

about things I want to explore 

about things I've always wanted to tell you

everything in general

I feel that we don't communicate

at all 

not much on facetime or a simple phone call

But I believe that it will change

that time will come

So I guess now I'll just take it a day at a time 

wondering whens the next time I'll see you

and now I think about it

this is all the stuff I should be telling

You. . . 


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