Wondering whys.

Have you ever lay silently still and listened to the sound of an orchestrated piano solo play peacefully in your ears and wonder how something seemingly so simple can be so beautiful? Have you ever stared at a child so innocently play with their toys and wonder how they find joy in something simple and miniscule? Have you ever watched a house burn to ashes and wonder how something that started so great, could end so badly in one fail swoop? As if it was nothing more than a feather floating in the breeze or a tumble weed carelessly making it's way through a deserted town. Are those things that seem so simply small, really that small to begin with? Why do we choose to overlook the small wonders of this world? Why would we rather complain about the bad then take pride in the simple natures of this mysterious place we live in? Why do we fear what we do not understand? Why do we harm and pollute our home? Why do we question what we don't understand? Simply questioning with no real conquest of changing anything.


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