Sorry To Question -- Is It Ever Enough?


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Is it truly never enough for such a word to be understated?
to question its power and under rate it?
to be sorry is it not enough?

when coping isn't fast enough?
when healing seems forever?
when the past is blocking us

i have been and still continue to be ever so sorry
but is such an emotion ever enough?
when others do not understand and do not believe you

what is it to be understanding when its not you that ideals needs be known by another? who?
when come to terms to fight and live another rises to objectify
I can't understand but why... why!?

having been hurt many times
having grown to witness and understand what is unknown
clearly there must be something different

what is it to be or not to be
or to grow or stay the same
to mature or regress into what we used to be?

It is not by an unnatural force
nor is it by weakness rather than
by choice or will

when one does not chose to understand when one does not choose to heal
they rather choose to suffer
that is what I do not understand that is what i do not comprehend

when it is chosen to deny in truth and veil it as a act of ignorance
clearly something is wrong clearly ones mind does not wish to see the truth
clearly one does not want to be wrong

but if apologies are never enough of our wrongs that what is to better ourselves
if being sorry for an injustice does not clear us among each other how is it that
we can be forgiven by those above how is it that they can when we cannot?

only they truly know what is to forgive...

I guess we cannot understand what it is to forgive when we see apologies as an understatement
why when we cry and feel sorrow in truth and we speak it does that not mean anything?
Or is it just another incapacity that we cannot come to comprehend yet?


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