Why I Write?

I was introduced to poetry 7th grade.

I started to understand the concept: releasing.

I write because it is an outlet for my frustration.

With the pencil in my hand I release my thoughts, fears,

and emotions onto a 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper.

Society is wicked and is quick to judge you.

To avoid the chagrin, I release my thoughts through poems.

I am free from judgement and my poems are

Safely read from my own eyes.

I am the beholder of my feelings and no one can change that.

As I enclose myself in the sturdy wall I built,

I make sure to secure my feelings with a lock,

And I have the key.

Poetry allows me to unravel and I feel liberated.

As I take a deep breath and look at my work,

My hopes of being a poet seem to glimmer

In the dark hole of doubt.



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