Budding Heart Beat


I pushed my hand against my chest in search of a sound
but my heart beat was no where to be found.
what a tragedy I must be for my heart to have abandoned me
I pressed a little harder but still couldn't feel a thing
Rage grew steadily as I looked at my many surroundings
All these things I could live without, were the only things around me
Opinions to my left, stress to my right
Things that have caused me many sleepless nights
Why do we worship all the things that tame us,
And break down and brutalize the things that make us?
We love to impress others with things they already have
As we often denigrate the things they aren't able to grasp.
Invest in the things that can't be taken away
Art, intellect, love, faith.
As I settled deeper into my thoughts, I watched my surroundings retreat
And if I listened real closely, I could hear my budding heart beat.


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