I Write


United States
36° 31' 47.604" N, 82° 35' 0.582" W

Because I am weak,
Because I am strong,
I write

To destroy evil,
To create beauty,
I write

Because of peace,
Because of turmoil,
I write

To learn,
To give,
I write

Because of pain,
Because it heals,
I write

To free anger,
To capture joy,
I write

Because it fuels me,
Because it soothes,
I write

To explore new worlds,
To re-live old ones,
I write

Because I live,
Because we all die,
I write

To express myself,
To impact others,
I write

Because it is a gift,
Too precious to waste,
Too powerful to misuse,
Too captivating to hide,
I write



The repetition adds a haunting power to the piece. Very nicely done

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