Why are people greedy?

Why do some people live in the street?

Why can't we all just love one another?

Why are children bullied?

Why do some people take there lives?

Why is there war?

Why do kids have to say good-bye to theie fathers or mothers who go into the army?

Why do some people not believe in God?

Why is this world so cruel?



I like how this poem just asks the questions point blank. To answer the questions, we must define what we are asking about, which no one can really do. No one can really define cruelty, or a goodbye, or greed. The human race has created most of these problems, and has also created a universal definition, but it may differ to some. For example, it is considered to be true that a mother does not love her child if she murders him/her. But what measure of love can be utilized when looking at a classic situation- Sophie's Choice?

I love that humans have the ability to ponder such difficult questions; questions no knows the answer to.

Great poem. 

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