How I was introduced.


My name is Renee, consoled by my thoughts, or so I thought.

I take words and create to poems, the power within them stays a mystery.

I write to express, to heal, to relieve.

I write to touch souls, and to retrieve lost memories.

I was introduced by lyrical geniuses, who took words and added rhythm, in which created a vision.

Listening, to songs, with different meanings with in them.

If they could write and express how they feel, instead of bottling up thoughts, ideas or feelings against their will, Then I could to-

It opens up the mind, and proves what I am capable to do-

I can speak, I can speak in ways one could not speak before.

I could write, with out being judge for what I put upon paper.

I can be who I want to be with out society telling who I am, what I am, and what I should be.

Writing is release, like when you release a puppy of a leash, they run free.

They run free, and thats what writing did for me.




I feel this one, I completely agree.

It did the same for me, never stop writing, Renee.

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