Window Pain

In the midst of day
There I sit in my room
And stare away
My water is tainted and condensending
And my mind slowly blows smoke rings

I watch the stoney trees
The orange leaves dance
Across the sky
Dreaming that I could be them
flying so high

There across the desolate meadow
My neighbor ponders and griefs
With his shady walk and smiling
He murmurs a whimper on through
The nights of sages and complications

The narrow street walkers begin
To appear, feigning there lust and dimmited figures
Like going to a bad movie career

To the left of the side wanders and the trees
My mother was plating the weeds
Beautiful daisies and rosemarrys crossed
Her fingers and a delay to ponder
The once true matters

I smile for a moment and take in sweet
taste of air
My father and sister walked
Soundly out to the grazing street
I saw the wrinkles of broken tree branches
And his intriguing smile
There my sister next to him enjoying
The feeling as the wind paraded through
her hair

I watch like the owl in the night
As they open the trunk , so gentle, so calm
Organizing the thoughts of vacation
And family matters

I hear a ratted chatter
Of stories and laughter
And a fearsome elevation
Of mile high fevers and tainted images

I see the acceleration of the black rust
Bucket in the distant fog
Speeding down the street through the neon lights
I watch the operator in the seat
A middle aged man, contemplating his eyes
down for a quick glance at his technology

I turn my head for a few moments
I trifile as I hear the loud pitches
Of birds screaming
My thoughts have turned to melted plasitc
As I slowly turn my head and through the eyes
of the window my vision begins to slow down

The red drapes flashed a painting
A dark and vengeful feeling of anger
And shame
As I see my father and sister in a puddle of their
own shiny red
Lying in the street

That man was not discreet
He took something I can never have back
All for a simple message
While he stabs me in the back.


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