words, words, words

words, words, words

they flow out of you and me everyday

but what do they really mean?

when we banter with our insults

only we know that it’s all a joke

others may think our relationship is “complicated”

or when i make a funny or snarky remark

and someone says, “syd, i love you”

love is one of the deepest emotions someone can feel

i don’t think my wit has impressed you so much that you’re compelled to love me

and think of all the additives, the unnecessary condiments some words have become

all the likes, the ums, the actuallys, the sos

their flavoring can leave a sour taste in others’ mouths

without you even knowing

all the words deemed by society to be “dirty”

why are they dirty?

what makes “shit” different that “shoot”?

why do censors stop people from saying what they want to say?


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