So Mean

After my master moved away-

I saw some boys come out to play

they played a game with balls and bats- and blood and bones and yowling cats

I ran away from them

an alleyway, so dark and cold

makes a young dog like me feel so old-

on a warm doorstep I did sleep-

a couple scraps I hoped to keep

a man came outside and kicked me away-

I think I broke some ribs today 

I really miss my family

I want now to go home 

but my mster has just leaft me in an empty house all alone


Days pass and my luck does not better-

I've had nothing to eat-

nothing to drink

nowhere to rest

I am now beginning to think

that maybe he left me because I am a bad dog

maybe if the world were more kind-

in a good world noone would have left me

forgotten, left behind. 

I wheeze in the chilly air-

the night has just begun

I see a familiar face in the darkness-

someone- anyone

I crawl towads a former friend-

a boy

so tall in my low eyes

Never would have seen him

as a devil in disguise

he poured some sick-smelling liquid on me- and there was a flash of light-

all that's left is yowling-smoke now in the night. 


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