Why Make Us?

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 16:23 -- 802435


Why make us memorize things?

Aren't we supposed to understand and learn.

Why make us sit and stare at words?

Aren't we supposed to be able to make the words appear on the paper.

Why make us learn according to what will be on the standardized tests?

Aren't we supposed to have a complete education.

Why make us shuffle from class to class, switching topics every hour?

Aren't we supposed to gain a full understanding.

Why make us sit in a bare room with maps and graphs?

Aren't we supposed to acquire experience.

Why make us write line after line?

Aren't we supposed to be gaining writing skills.

Why make us memorize words we will never use?

Aren't we supposed to gain knowledge that we can actually apply.

Why make us do all these things?

Aren't we supposed to actually be learning.


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