The Shadow Of My Life


Everyday is a living day 

As i see people come and go by

For some people is tragedy 

For some others is heaven

Twenty-two seven,

Wandering in the streets

Writing my life on these sheets

Everything is so white 

Everything is so black

I belive I"m so bright

But society holds me back.

The world is upside down

Kids partying in town

Veterants living without insurance

And the goverment spending millions on war

People fighting because of Race

Its two-thousand and fourteen, but where?

It doesn't matter, segregation stills is around

Rich folks living of poor people

Minorities feel so down

This is nothing more but a corporation

Some others await deportation

The shadows of my life

Only my mother knows 

How much I've cried 

Put on a smile

Because you have to lie.

Society is so black

Always bullying around

Taking everything away

thus far you do nothing but lack

Waiting for the next round

Until your last day.

This is Society 

The shadows of my life.










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