Who Are You?


Who are you? You help make me, you birthed me , but who are you? Did you meet any of my friends, were you even there for important moments in my life? Oh yeah, that's right you birthed me and left me. Yes I learned something from you, it was to never fall off and leave someone I "love" behind. Why aren't you the one that I spend mothers day with and talk about my boy crushes with or ask what outfit to wear to school. You wanted drugs more than your own kids. You make me go through life wondering weather or not I should love you or  hate you. I can love you for bringing me to this world but I should hate you for leaving me in the clouds. So who are you? Your the one i was supposed to call mother. Sometimes I don't even feel loved because of you. Its hard for me to get attached to people because I think there going to just up and leave with no words to be said about when they'll be back. I find myself envying the kids who have parents when I should realize what I have at home. I may not have you but I have two. I have an aunt and uncle who I know and who express that they care for me and would never leave me. These are the people who took the place of you. I remember that I've had them all along and don't need you. So then the questions appears who do you think you are? Do you think your a mother, a stranger or a giver?

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