Yes and No

Sun, 12/02/2018 - 23:02 -- taren07

Yes and No

Everytime you talk,

You tell me how i'm so pretty.

Now you have me in shock,

those words come with a fee.

You're hot, you're cold

You’re love, you’re pain

You’re pull, you’re push

But most of all,

You’re confused.

How can those beautiful words mean nothing to you?

Like i am just someone new,

Someone new to flatter,

And use.

Not only do you abuse

This game you play

Self esteem down the drain

Like i am nothing

Nothing really? Right?

As i lay trying to fight

What reminded me of love

I thought maybe i am above

I am above all the words he says

The tricks he plays

For him i am yet a daze

Just another one of his ways

To secretly swoon a woman

But i am a trueman

I can see straight through him.

When he acts like we had no connection

That he did not once show me all this affection

I can just smile and leave

Because he never had me decieved.


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