Trapped Within

When we were just kids,
Playing outside with all the other demons
I used to hide in the shadows,
Terrfied of what these demons thought of me.

I never really understood how I was different,
But I just knew.
I didn't want to play with other demons,
With other kids,
With anyone for the matter.

I wanted to hide in my shadows,
Drawing and writing other stories of 'what ifs', 'maybe if I',
I never understood why the other demons wanted to chase one another.
Why not sit down and talk
Why not sit down and draw or write
Why chase?

I always loved to create.
From the moment I was born, I was creating sounds.
As I grew older, I created with pictures.
And when I was in school, they taught us those sounds were not right.
Those pictures were not for this time,
And my all time favorite..

Those words do not fit with those pictures.

Who has the right to tell me what is wrong and right?
Why do we have to follow socities rules?
Why do you follow the flow?

I questioned everything and everyone.

No one gets to tell me what is right or wrong without a damn great reason.

No one.


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