I'm alone.
Sitting, staring, waiting.
Waiting for what, I don't know.
Staring at what, I don't know.
Sitting on what, grass.
I sit a little longer.
I stare a little longer.
I wait for something new.
Something exciting and valuable.
An adventure.
I still sit, cold.
I remain waiting, impatient.
I continue to stare at water.
Fast water, rushing past.
A blur.
Calm to the ear but harsh to the eyes.
I'm still alone.
Sitting, staring, waiting.
Sitting on green,
Waiting for life,
Staring at blur.
A need to move!
A burning desire to get up and run!
Running, ignoring, living.
Running through the blur.
Ignoring the green.
Living the life.
This is why.
This is life.



nice poem, kind of similar to the ones I've written.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sad, but amazign poem
one must find a purpose within and embrace life for all it brings
challenge yourself and see beyond your immediate surroundings

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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