Knock Me Down

When you took at your phone and asked me to smile

And tell you I loved you, I just waved you off

I didn't notice the suitcase on the floor

Or the sadness in your face.


I just knew you and momma had been fighting;

Locked up in your room for hours, silent.

I didn't think on it much, momma was always mad.

I miss those days. Anger is better than cold grief.


I cry on the inside. My momma is broken.

I know I'm not enough. I'm sorry momma.

I can never replace him, I wish you didn't love him.

He ruined our family, can't you see that?


The hatred I feel for you isn't fake,

I don't want you around. Not after what you did.

How can you hurt your own daughter that way?

But I miss having a daddy. Why did you do it?

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