I Heard When I Walked Into First Period
I Your Best Friend Wasn't There For You
I Heard Everything

How You Fought
How They Fought
How You Got Scars
How You Did Them Yourself

You Walked Into The Class Everyone Staring At You
You Walked To The Back Of Class
I Got Up And Followed You
And For The Whole Class We Talked

You Told Me Every Little Detail
You Told Me Who Threw Punches
You Told Me Who Got In Each Others Faces
You Told Me What The Fight Was About

I Listened To Every Word That Came Out Of Your Mouth
I Tried My Best To Wrap My Head Around It
I Couldn't Believe What You Were Telling Me
You Parents Were Thinking Of Splitting Up After Everything That Happened Last Night

You Told Me How You Thought It Was All Your Fault And That's When It Started
You Grabbed The Blade
Sat In The Tub And Began To Cut
How You Thought To Yourself 'I Will Only Do A Few'

How It Escalated To A Few More
And To Even More
Until Your Whole Arm Was Covered
Then You Didn't Want To Stop So You Made Words

I Don't Belong

You Told Me How You Were Going To Take Your Own Life
You Said You Were Re-reading Everything We Had Ever Texted Each Other
And That's When It Hit You
You Had Somebody Who Would Miss You...Me

You Knew That I Might Take My Own Life If You Took Yours
You Knew You Had Someone Who Loved You
You Knew That You Didn't Want Blood On Your Hands Especially Not Your Best Friends
So You Stopped And Just Started to Cry

And In That Moment I Raised My Hand To Leave
I Ran Out Of The Room You Following Me
Tears Rolling Down My Face
Because You Were Right


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