Titanic Insanity

I'm tired of all these morons acting like a philosophic class
These people, more like sheeple standing lonely in the aftermath
Thinking if only they can get the holy that is up for grabs
They can finally thank you kindly for the possessions that another has.
Self-depraved, starved for change, but they can find no quarter
Led like lambs, into the hands of Lecter; wounds are mortal
Trying to play the game so that the noose will give some slack
This world knows only silence but in the end they don't know Jack
The entrance to our hearts has guards who don't know they've been ripped
With their karma much like Dahmer found their heads on sticks
People hosting parties but it turns out that they're like the Donners
Inviting me in to steal my skin their only motive is to harm us
Undertaker take her under; motivation? steal my thunder
And now they're leading me to plunder like those whose hearts have torn asunder
But torn Hearts like the dark arts have access to my chambers
And the one thing that could save me is constantly changing
As I wrestle with these fears, smaug's dark head rears
I sorta Cena the scenery, jump into the ring metaphorically
"YOU CAN'T SEE ME" is what my heart still says
My aorta leading me to Mordor; I'm already dead

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My community


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