Why do this thing where we live life,

when one day we will not wake up?

Why get out of bed every morning

to drag our feet on the ground?

What impact can I have,

little me to this big world.

Why try? 


We are young. 

We are strong.

We could leave footprints on the core of the earth

if we tried.


Our bodies are small

but our minds, 

oh our minds,

they're huge.

We could move mountains with them

if we tried.


Our hands themselves 

are useless, hanging.

But our actions

how we move them

could change lives

if we tried.


So why get out of bed in the morning?

Why try if one day we will not wake up?

The answer:


To live life not for trivial things

but to leave footprints

to move mountains

to change lives.

But we need to try.



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