Cease to Exist

Purpose is the driving force behind all action.

Is it to much to ask, to know one's purpse?

The answer is never where you look. But

One thing is for certain; one

Thing remains the same as time slides by--

I am no closer to finding it. I

Cannot stand mundane life, to

Live without knowing why I am here. Living

Without the knowledge of what to do with my life--

For what's left of it at least. But I also know

Without a doubt, that my

Purpose is out there; that

I will, one day, descover the reason I was put on this earth.

Would life be so different then? Until it happens I will

Cease to think about it. Instead, I choose

To live, day by day, and in time I will learn the reason why I



(Read the first word of each line.)


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