Where Im From

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 00:40 -- Brehlie



I am from time well spent and moments lost,

Licking the cream from Oreos and

Summer days spent at the park.

Where I'm from we catch salamanders at the river,

Stay up late watching drive in movies

And wander down gravel roads.


We eat candy necklaces,

Get ice cream at Serendipity's and

Blow marshmallows up in the microwave.

I am from white water rafting, zip lining in Costa Rica

and nights spent at the St. Paul rodeo.


I am from good music and dancing.

The feeling in your chest that only loud music and drag races can ignite.

I am from fighting parents, distant family and

A granted wish for divorce.


I am from hurt feelings

And teasing they never knew would leave scars.

I am from a loveless father, silent tears

And dying to be thin.

I am from a first love,

Followed by a broken heart and

Memories that I'll never forget.


I am from Crayola colors and finger paints,

Yellow labs and the redundant throwing of

 Slobber soaked tennis balls.

I am from good times with best friends,

Catching captain crunch in our mouths and

Falling down laundry chutes.


Where I am from we drive old trucks,

Spend weekends at car shows and hotwire tractors.

We live each moment like it is our last

And we never lose our love for living.

Life is a countdown, and

I am from experiences which have taught me to

Make every second count.


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